Speakeasy Series

What is the Speakeasy Series?

Speakeasy is an event series that facilitates community-building with thought provoking discussion among students, staff and community across the arts, humanities, business, science and engineering in order to foster discovery, creativity and innovation. Enjoy provocative discussion, jazz, and art in the beautiful Taylor Institute building. Expand your mind and your connections, share ideas and discover new perspectives.

Thursday, September 27, 2018 from 5-7 pm, Taylor Institute Atrium and Forum 


What can we learn from an Indigenous approach to creativity? What happens at the intersection of Indigenous knowledge, and creative practice? And how can an Indigenous approach to creativity broaden the horizons and methods of inquiry that lie at the heart of creativity, discovery and innovation? At the first of our three Speakeasy events, we’ll explore how the creative practice of Indigenous artists, designers and researchers can provide insights into existing conventions of practice, knowledge and research on campus and in our community.

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Our Guest Speakers

Dwayne Donald Kori Czuy Chantal Chagnon

Dwayne Donald

Dr. Dwayne Donald is a descendent of the Papaschase Cree. He is a professor at the University of Alberta practicing a decolonizing research sensibility called Indigenous Métissage inspired by Plains Cree and Blackfoot knowledge. Dwayne approaches the layered, ambiguous tensions and conflictual character of Aboriginal-Canadian relations in a unique way through researching, writing, and creativity.

Kori Czuy

Kori Czuy is Cree Métis Polish from Northern Alberta, is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Calgary studying how math can be experienced through Treaty 7 ways of knowing. Her intent is to bring hope, dialogue, and friendship between multiple ways of knowing mathematics. She was the project manager, designer, and coordinator for "Rings of Reconciliation" at the 2017 Beakerhead Festival in Calgary.

Chantal Chagnon

Chantal Chagnon is a Cree/Ojibwe/Métis singer, drummer, artist and activist. She shares traditional teachings, songs, and stories to create bridges of understanding and healing in the face of adversity. She was one of the makers of "Rings of Reconciliation" at the 2017 Beakerhead Festival in Calgary.

Upcoming Speakeasy Events

Social Innovation: Creating Changemakers, November 8, 2018.

Decolonizing Discovery: Collaborations with Community, February, 28, 2019.

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