Teaching Awards adjudication

Each year, over 50 members of our academic community come together to recognize outstanding educators through the University of Calgary Teaching Awards program. Adjudicators represent diverse faculties, units and student and staff groups from across campus.  

Faculty, staff and students are invited to volunteer as adjudicators. 

About adjudication

The adjudication process is strengthened by diverse perspectives from across the university community. All committee members will receive formal letters of recognition and will be invited to attend the University of Calgary’s Annual Celebration of Teaching. 

How much of a time commitment is it?

Volunteers can anticipate dedicating 10-15 hours of time (estimate based on the amount of adjudication packages, timing may be slightly less or more) in reviewing the nomination packages, completing adjudication rubrics, and participating in the collaborative decision-making process during a committee meeting (approximately three hours).

Can I expect any orientation?

Yes. We host an adjudicator orientation a few weeks prior to adjudication week. You will receive an overview of what to expect during the committee meeting, in addition to implicit bias training. 

Do I have to attend the committee meeting?

Attendance at the committee meeting is obligatory should you decide to participate as an adjudicator. 

You will receive confirmation that your application to adjudicate has been accepted and notified of your committee meeting's scheduled date and time in the fall. You will receive instructions on how to adjudicate, information regarding the other members of your committee and access to a D2L website, from which you can download your assigned nomination packages.  

Who can adjudicate?

Academic staff, AUPE staff, MaPS, postdoctoral scholars, undergraduate and graduate students.